UK PropTech Industry Landscape - 2022 - With interactive logos

An interactive map for the online property industry

Investment into the UK property technology sector has been increasing rapidly over recent years. Pi Labs (a venture capital firm) reported property technology investment had grown to fifteen times the amount from 2016 to the end of 2021. In the last year alone it had seen investment rise to be four times greater than the previous year.

The landscape shows leading suppliers and innovators using PropTech to advance the way property professionals can research the industry, market, support clients and improve the management of properties. Companies are grouped according to their main solution.

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Below we have explained the categories on the map and given a few examples of companies within each section.


Brand Building & SEO

This covers website and graphic design, reviews, feedback plus social media and link building.

  • Property Hive, Estate Apps and Starberry all create websites specifically designed for the property industry.

Photos, Videos & Tours.

This category includes solutions for video tour packages (bespoke, mainstream or virtual) plus the latest cameras and their software.

A recent study by Matterport claimed 95% of online buyers are more likely to scan listings that have virtual viewings and remote appointments, than those that do not. Furthermore, 20% of offers made on homes were made with no in-person visit at all.

  • Instant Property Tours’ creates video tours with minimal effort and time from the agent. Each tour is branded with the agent’s logo and runs with sleek, slide transitions to a chosen piece of music and a professional-looking theme. Designed to deliver on mass, their prices are very competitive.

  • Made Snappy 360 targets the more bespoke end of the market and won best virtual tours in the ESTAS 2022. Their software works with any 360 HDR camera. Floor plans can be created from the images with 98%+ accuracy.

Property Portals

Options for where and how to list properties whether targeting the wider audiences or the more specialised market.

  • Rightmove, Zoopla and On The Market are the most well established platforms though there are other companies turning heads.

  • The UK’s largest auctioneer service in the UK, iamsold part of the iamproperty Group, is also the pioneer of the Modern Method of Auction (MMoA). ESTAS 2022 presented iamsold with the bronze award for the best overall supplier and winner of the best auctions of the year 2022.

  • OneDome is an example of a platform that markets listings for free, whilst making the agent money from additional services like conveyancing and mortgages. It aims to speed up the whole transaction as it is a one stop shop for everything.

Lead Generation

Software and services in this category assists agents in prospecting and lead generation of buyers and sellers.

  • Spectre won the silver ESTAS award for the best overall supplier and best instruction generation tool of 2022. Spectre claims over 50% of vendors change agents so Spectre Sales calculates when vendors are most likely to consider changing and automatically sets up prospecting tools. Their solution for off-market prospecting is automated with letters to target properties before they come to market.

Valuation Tools

These can be generated as an estimate by completing an online form from which the software calculates a valuation. If a more accurate report is required, the agent uses the software valuation tool to input data whilst at the property. The software subsequently calculates a valuation and presents it as a full, professional report.

  • The award-winning ValPal collects the users’ details when the online valuation tool is used. This contact information (potential vendors or landlord) is then emailed across to book an in-person market appraisal.

Floor Plans

Adaptable software means plans can be drawn more easily, completed to a high quality and shared across more devices.

  • Metropix won best floor plans of the year at the ESTAS 2022. Their software focuses on speed and flexibility. It can integrate between ipad and desktop for the agent to sketch measurements. The software then transforms the sketches into quality plans.


CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management programmes run the whole agency operation of buying, selling or letting a property.

  • Veco by Eurolink won the ESTAS 2022 award for best CRM software of the year. It links departments and industry suppliers, automates repetitive business processes and collects records to report and analyse data.

  • Dezrez’s CRM is capable of integrating with thousands of marketplace apps. It manages financial accounts, maintenance issues and stays compliant with reminders and task management.

Property Management

This provides solutions across a wide range of property and tenant needs, some of which include building maintenance, leases, applications, evictions and complaints.

  • Goodlord has won awards from the Negotiator as a top software provider and for best letting software of the year at the 2022 ESTAS. Goodlord operates a cloud-based platform that brings the pre-tenancy process online and in one place. The tenancy agreement is drawn up, payments are checked as they come in and tenants are referenced.

  • InventoryBase has won multiple awards including best inventory services at the 2022 ESTAS. Their software records property inspections and inventories within a short time frame ready to present to the client in a professional manner.

Electrical Services, Sustainability & IoT (Internet of Things)

PropTech companies in this sector provide solutions for tracking and managing keys, energy and buildings’ performance data plus networks for repairs and maintenance.

  • Help me Fix connects tradespeople to tenants via a video call which aims to reduce the need for physical call outs. It also provides a job report, photos and recommendations.

  • The Network Control Group manages internet access, monitors use of space, air quality and sets up secure access to buildings.

Transactions & Legalities

Conveyancing & Insurance

A growing online presence from this sector is enabling agents to research and review such companies. Agents’ experience and knowledge is valuable in supporting their clients to find the most suitable service. Agents can gain from an additional source of income through transparent referrals at the exchange of contracts stage.

  • Simply Conveyancing is an award winning firm (ESTAS 2022 best conveyancing). It specialises in property law and uses technology to simplify and speed up the sales process.

Sales Progression Software

This category supplies digital reservation guarantees, for example Gazeal has a lock-out agreement backed by Title Insurance. Sales progression software also covers the collection and management of data securely, for instance Finch uses a ‘vault’ system, open banking API and digital signage.

  • Landmark Agent won the best sales progression software of 2022 at the ESTAS awards ceremony. Searches can be ordered online on a no sale, no fee basis. Landmark Agent also has an option to prepare paperwork in advance of an offer being accepted with an online Quick Sale Ready (QSR) service.

Payment Services

PropTech software handles confidential data, secure online payment solutions with anti-fraud technology.

  • PayProp has a dashboard for property professionals to view their portfolio with live information on rental payments, commission income and portfolio growth. Clients can also set up automated emails or text messages to chase arrears. PayProp won the ESTAS award for the best payment services of 2022.

News, Reviews, Research & Advice

These companies support the development of property professionals through online property news, product reviews, advice and training.

  • ESTAS is the largest independent customer review and awards’ platform for the residential property industry in the UK. The ESTAS digital marketing sends agents online performance reports, directs reviews to their website and social media, plus gives a live customer feedback rating.

  • Kerfuffle is a platform used by property professionals to search for suppliers within a category. It shows a description of what each company offers, their ratings, customer reviews and any opportunities for agents to gain additional revenue with that supplier if applicable.

To conclude

Innovations in PropTech have advanced the methods and tools within the property industry. The buying, selling and managing of properties continues to evolve as new software and services hit the residential market sector.

What developments will investment in PropTech bring with the next stage of innovation?

If we’ve missed a company that fits into the landscape, comment below!