Video tours and social media teasers

An affordable, done-for-you service

Full video tour

  • Add to Property Portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla
  • Sales listings with videos receive more views and leads
  • Email to Vendors and Prospects
  • Display on a Video Wall
  • Upload to your Website and YouTube channel

Social Media Teaser Video

  • Share on social media
  • Grab attention and Stop the Thumb!
  • Short snappy teaser videos to get initial interest
  • Build your brand on social media and win more instructions
  • Sales listings with videos receive on average 31% more leads and 36% more views than those without.


It really is a very affordable
'done-for-you' service

We look out for your new listings

We create both a social media teaser and full property tour video

You simply publish your videos

We do EVERYTHING for you

  • NO apps to manage
  • NO tech skills necessary
  • NO time required for editing


Not the package you were after?
Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Pay As You Go
Just £  7 per property (2 videos)
Billed monthly, cancel any time
ALL YOUR LISTINGS will receive both a teaser video and full tour video
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  • Done for you service - no wasting time with video apps
  • We spot your new listings and use them to get all the details we need
  • Quick revisions (e.g. price changes)
  • An emailable preview page (impress your clients)
  • Videos will show your company name, logo & contact details
  • Easy PAYG - receive an Invoice at the end of the month
  • Optional bespoke, fully branded video templates for a one off fee of just £500 - we then use these individual templates for all your videos

Prices exclude VAT

How we work

Attention Grabbing

Attention grabbing videos

- stop the thumb!

- Showcase both the property and your agency.

- Enhance your brand recognition and gain more instructions.

Two video formats

Tour Video in Landscape - ideal for property portals, your own website, agency video walls and YouTube

Teaser Video in Portrait - short and snappy, perfect grabbing attention on Facebook and other social media networks.


When you publish a listing we start work creating your videos.

You don't need to waste your time using video editing tools or tour apps - its all Done For You.

In just a few hours you will receive your videos to publish as you wish.

Cost Effecive

Our low fee makes it possible to produce videos for all listings.

Even if you've comissioned a full video tour, our speed allows you to jump start your marketing whilst waiting for this to be completed.

Quick Revisions

We can amend videos to change details, for example new photos or a change in price.

Its not all robots!

A real human being will pick the best photos, key features and captions to use.

If something doesn't look right we won't just blindly produce a video, we will talk to you!

Optional Bespoke Design

Our designers can create both a long form and teaser video template to fully match your brand and preferences including logos, colours, transitions, music and call to actions.

Your video templates are unique to you, no company will ever have the same style video.

Frequently asked questions

    • Why should I use you?

      Our ‘done-for-you’ service is guaranteed to save you time, energy and stress as well as saving on outgoing costs for extra computer software you won’t be needing.

      If you use our optional "Bespoke Template Design" no other company will have the same style of video as you. The template we design encompasses your own unique style and branding throughout.

    • How do I add the video tours to my social media sites and selling portals?

      From your dashboard or the email that we send to you, simply copy and paste the player link into your property software’s Virtual Tour field and the video will be added to your listings.

      For social media sites use the download button to save it to your PC or phone and then upload it your social media sites of choice (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc).

    • How do you bill?

      At the end of the month we send an Invoice for any videos produced during the month.

      This can be paid with a Debit/Credit card or via BACS.

    • Do I have to enter into a contract?

      No - you can cancel whenever you like and any videos already produced are yours to keep forever.

    • What happens to my videos if I no longer use this service?

      They are yours to keep.

      Any videos you’ve downloaded and then shared on Social Media / YouTube will be kept forever (or until you decide to remove them).

      Videos that are hosted by us (e.g. links you’ve put into the property portals) are kept for 18 months.